Kaisa at Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre

"Incredible chef cooking delicious vegetarian meals and amazing sweet treats."

"The best food comes out of this kitchen, made and served with love!"

"NOT once did I eat anything that didn’t taste delicious in the restaurant!
Cheers to the Chef."

Labneh plate with tomato and yoghurt with chili
Chef cutting up produce
Our menu changes multiple times throughout the year to prioritise local and seasonal produce, and will always include vegan and gluten-free options. Rest easy knowing our kitchen operates with exceptionally high standards for cleanliness and all of our produce is washed twice in an all natural antibacterial solution.


Breakfast at Kaisa changes daily, but you will always have access to fresh fruit, Poha (a traditional Indian flat rice), fresh Goan bread, filtered coffee, chai and a ginger lemon jaggery. We also have an espresso machine serving freshly roasted Blue Tokai coffee, sourced from the Malabar region of India.

Daily breakfast rotates between: 



Kaisa’s a la carte lunch menu lets you choose between a delicious variety daily. Our menu has multiple filling vegan and gluten-free options to choose between. 

Some in house favourites include:



Our dinner options change every day and always include a western option, a traditional Indian curry, and fresh salads. 

Some of our guest favourites include:

Because we take your nutrition seriously during our course, we make a point to provide well balanced, sustaining meals. The variety offered allows our students and guests to choose between diverse cuisines, giving you the option daily to experience authentic Indian tastes or something that feels more like home.
Ice cream with pomegranite
Oat chocolate cookies


Kaisa has an extensive drink menu in order to keep you well hydrated and feeling refreshed. 

Our cold drinks range from delicious cranberry soda, a lemon soda (salty or sweet), a range of smoothies, as well as traditional Indian lassi. 

Hot drinks are also available, with everything from coffee or chai to a warming freshly grated ginger lemon tea. 

As a centre, we are constantly working towards reducing our environmental footprint. Kaisa already operates with minimal waste, by focusing on composting food waste and only using reusable materials (yay for metal straws!). One of our projects includes reducing single-use plastics, an extraordinary task when you are unable to drink tap water.

In 2020 the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre began offering water bottles and filtered water to reduce single-use plastic bottles around the centre. These bottles are available for purchase at Kaisa.
Himalaya Yoga Valley Waterbottles

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